Our Services

We always offer our expertise and wide experience of our field with our innovative approaches to meet the clients need through excellent project management.


We provide aerial service to the client for industrial survey and inspection to minimize the risk of the human or to cover a large area by using a different type of drone for a different scope of work. We work together with our partners to give the best result of inspection and survey for our client and we too provide service consultation to follow up for the steps.

  • - Building Inspection

  • - Telco tower inspection

  • - Survey and Mapping

  • - Photography and Videography

  • - Consultation


We offer the best trained and skills team of a commercial diver to execute a task. Execution plan and safety is the priority in every diving work we do. The equipment we use commercial standard diving equipment. We also provide training for personnel who interested in becoming a commercial diver as a career.

  • - Survey
  • - Construction (Cleaning, Welding, Installation)
  • - Photography
  • - Inland Commercial Diving Training
  • - Consultation

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

In our fleet we are using BlueROV2 for our underwater work, it’s a mini ROV with the capability of high-end commercial ROV. This ROV can be mobilized anytime anywhere due to its size. BlueROV2 are battery-operated ROV which can last 2-3hours of time on full charge battery and only take less than a minute to swap a new battery for longer dive. ROV is rated for 100m water depth (option to 300m), with 4 vectored and 2 vertical (option to 4 verticals) able to fly up to 2 knots. ROV is equipped with onboard gyro and depth sensor with stabilize and depth hold function.

  • -Inspection (Hull, Propeller, Water tank)
  • -Survey (Dam, Lake, Chain, Thruster)
  • -Footage (Photography, research, media)
  • -Rental & Sales
  • -Manufacture Training (BlueROV2)
  • -Consultation